Men’s wellbeing: how can we promote it?

    We know that mental health difficulties affect all sections of society and we know that men find it harder than women both to say they are struggling with their mental health and to access personal and professional support. We know this and yet men are still suffering and silenced. What are we doing […]


Self-care: knowing what you need

Self-care is a phrase which gets bandied about a lot. We’re all meant to do it, whatever it is, and probably quite a lot of us feel some degree of embarrassment or inadequacy that we don’t do it as well as we should or as we perceive other people to be doing it. On the […]


Movember and men’s health

It is Movember which means that there is a particular focus on men’s health for this month, including testicular and prostate cancer. Therefore, I thought I would answer a couple of questions that men sometimes ask us on the helpline concerning prostate or testicular examination and how to cope with this.   Q. I think […]

sexual health

How can I look after my sexual health?

As we approach Movember I thought might post about a topic that some men have talked to us about on the helpline – their sexual health.   Q. I’m sexually active and, although I don’t have any symptoms, it’s a long time since I had a sexual health check-up. I find being poked and prodded […]



#metoo Wow, what a shit storm that just brought up in me. I just left the gym in tears as the memories came flooding back. I am going to list some of them because there is an important theme, if you care to read. When I was 7 my friend and I were playing in […]

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