Research has found that there is a link between sexual victimisation in childhood and the later development of eating disorders. However, little is known about the factors that contribute to this link. Maladaptive schemas are unhelpful fundamental beliefs about the self, others and the world. This study will look at maladaptive schemas and coping strategies that may be used by both those who have had sexually harmful experiences in childhood and those who have eating disorder-type difficulties.

Aili Nidsjo, Prof Kevin Browne and Dr Simon Duff from the University of Nottingham are carrying out a research study examining the relationship between child sexual abuse and eating-related issues, by looking at schema and coping strategies.

The study will be conducted through the use of a questionnaire, which is completely anonymous and has been approved by the University of Nottingham ethics committee. The survey includes questions about eating behaviours and coping with stress in daily life. It also includes questions about beliefs about the self, others and the world, along with a question about any adverse sexual experiences prior to age 16. You do not need to have experience of eating disorder/food-related difficulties in order to take part.

To participate in the study or if you would like more information, please visit the following link:

Eating disorder and Early Adverse Sexual Experiences: The Role of Maladaptive Schemas and Coping

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