Place your feet flat on the floor, place your hands in your lap, keep your shoulders and back straight and your head up.

Start to pay attention to your breathing. The gentle rise and fall that happens all by its self. Close your eyes if you wish or fix your gaze on any spot in the distance.

Now, bring to mind an image of a mountain. This mountain can be one you have seen, visited or even climbed. It can be one you have seen in pictures or on television or even one from your imagination. There are many great mountains, Mount Fuji, Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Ben Nevis….

Now like this mountain, feel yourself rooted to the earth, with your head high in the clouds. Notice that this mountain, like all mountains, is solid, immovable and unaffected by the changing weather or seasons. There may be snow on its peak and yet there can be green pastures at its base. This mountain’s surface may be subject to high winds or heavy rain, deep snow or bright sunshine but underneath the surface its nature always remains the same; resolute and strong, standing firm and solid against the elements.

You too can be like this mountain, rooted to the earth, standing strong and tall, weathering the storms of life. So once again, feel your feet rooted to the ground, your head and shoulders reaching high into the clouds, as you take 3 more breaths and bring yourself back to the room.

By Neil Atkinson, our Support Counsellor & Groupwork Facilitator

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