A man stood by a window with streaks of sun on his face.

We must overcome gender stereotypes to support survivors

February 1 – 8 is the sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week. To mark the week, we will post a series of blogs exploring what it means to be a survivor when you’re a man, and how we can all work to better support survivors.

Winter Wellness: self-care in the cold

“Self care” can be a challenge. If you are living with the impact of trauma, suffer from depression, or, like a number of survivors of sexual violence, struggle with low self-worth, it can be hard to find the energy or motivation to do what we know (and are frequently told) would be good for us.

Making A Step

In the year 2000, aged 20, I was sexually assaulted by a man I had thought of as one of my best friends at the time.

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