My Story Of Recovery

You are not a victim, you are a survivor. This is not a story of sympathy, but of recovery. August, 31st 1997. Most of you will remember where you were on this date, Princess Diana was being reported to have died in Paris. I remember because it is one of the many days I had been […]


The BBC need to call this what it is – abuse.

Lauren Cox, a teacher at a school in London, was yesterday jailed for 12 months for sexually abusing a boy under 16. Whilst we at SurvivorsUK are glad to see a successful prosecution, we are concerned at the way this is being reported by the BBC. Why does the BBC use terminology such as ‘befriended’ […]

domestic abuse

Padlock | A film exploring domestic abuse against men

The first time I spoke to a survivor of domestic abuse was an experience I’ll never forget. I spent an hour sitting in my office, listening intently on my phone. I was safe there. This was my private space. I listened to stories of physical attacks, subtle manipulations and verbal abuse. It was incredibly tough. […]

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