Survivors Trust Conference 26th September 2016

We took part in the Survivors’ Trust “Supporting Survivors Past Present & Future” conference on Monday 26th of September in Birmingham’s Aston University. New Digital Marketing & Website Officer Guinéelle Mavuanga gave a brilliant and informative presentation of digital marketing campaigning which stimulated a great deal of interest and attention – with many requests for […]

World Mental Health Day Event

SUK had a stall in General Gordon Square in Woolwich for International Mental Health Day on Saturday 8 October organised by the Greenwich Mental Health and Wellbeing Partnership which featured several workshops including one delivered by SUK’s Katharine Cox on ‘Surviving sexual assault and sexual abuse: what it takes to survive and thrive and what it takes to love and […]

International Men’s Day Event

Major conference aims to make a difference for men and boys Hundreds of delegates from across the UK will come together at The Lighthouse, Poole, on Monday 14 November for the Safer Poole International Men’s Day Conference. The conference, which has been organised by the Safer Poole Partnership in association with AFC Bournemouth and the Dorset Police and […]

SurvivorsUK 30th Anniversary Event

This year 2016 marks 30 years since SurvivorsUK was founded and we are pleased to have been of service to so many over those years. Since 1986 we have endeavoured to help all adults who identify as male, GBT and others to overcome the devastating consequences of rape and sexual abuse both as children and […]

Men Matter Too

I’ve just finished reading an article in a magazine about a young man who had been raped by three women whilst on holiday. I was sickened and devastated to learn that the police in the country, who he bravely managed to go to, ashamed and embarrassed, laughed at him and told him that he should […]

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