#WeSeeYou is a campaign committed to raising awareness about male sexual abuse and assault. It’s a campaign aimed at acknowledging male victims/survivors and letting them know that they are not alone.

The campaign promotes the use of new symbol to express support and challenge stigmatising attitudes that make it so difficult for men who have been sexually abused to talk about what happened to them.

We are asking people to wear a green button-shaped pin as a visible sign of support and to help end the stigma and myths attached to male sexual abuse and assault, as well as showing to those that have been affected that they are not alone.

We are currently unable to ship out the #WeSeeYou pins due to small staff capacity.


WeSeeYou - pin badges

The #WeSeeYou symbol encompasses many different meanings, all of them expressing support and aiming at breaking down the barriers of stigma, silence, shame and isolation surrounding male sexual abuse and assault.


A button, because for too long male sexual abuse and assault has been buttoned up and victims have been made invisible. We will not keep quiet anymore.

A button, because we know how hard it is for male victims to talk about what happened to them and they should be in control of when they decided to talk.

A button, because we want male victims to know that if and when they are willing to unbutton their feelings and tell their stories, we are ready to listen.

Wearing the symbol is one of the ways you can help support, challenge and build with us.

The #WeSeeYou movement has only just begun, can we count you in to make it grow?


Would you like to buy some pin badges for your special event? We would love to help you!

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