My Story Of Recovery

You are not a victim, you are a survivor. This is not a story of sympathy, but of recovery. August, 31st 1997. Most of you will remember where you were on this date, Princess Diana was being reported to have died in Paris. I remember because it is one of the many days I had been […]

Dear World - SurvivorsUK Blog

Dear World

  On the afternoon of 20 May 2015 I was drugged and raped repeatedly by a stranger. At that moment, normal truly became an option as opposed to a requirement. I was lucky that I made it out with minimal physical injury, however the psychological toll it has taken on my day to day life […]


Darkness Falls

I could tell you every emotion of a rape survivor and I can honestly say… years after it happened, I am still not over it. It destroys a part of YOU, a part that you can never get back. I did not understand the word, apart from the obvious. I knew it needed to have […]

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