#metoo Wow, what a shit storm that just brought up in me. I just left the gym in tears as the memories came flooding back. I am going to list some of them because there is an important theme, if you care to read. When I was 7 my friend and I were playing in […]


Abuse doesn’t have to be an unhappy ending

I have just completed a 12-week programme at SurvivorsUK and was asked by one of the facilitators to write a short blog. My story is that I was abused by my dad between the ages of 9-10. I am now 54. It took me until I was 27 to talk about my abuse and the years since […]

Ten years ago

    It was a long time ago, well over ten years. Still it is hard to write about now. I was in a relationship that was steadily becoming more and more abusive. There is a saying that relates to how to boil a frog. You don’t put it into boiling water or the frog […]

Meet John Wills, male survivor of sexual abuse

John, 51, has worked in the charitable sector for over 20 years and has dedicated his working life to helping adult survivors of childhood abuse, people with mental health issues and those facing disadvantage. HEAL John began as a volunteer at HEAL (Helping Everyone Abused Live) when he was 33, helping with the once a […]


Five Years On – Appealing For Compensation

It has been five years since I had my appeal hearing at the CICA Tribunal. It involved an incident of drugging, robbery and sexual assault. I am happy I took this path. Looking back now I can say it has helped me moving on and finally putting things in the past. In this sense the […]

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