Sam van Zoest is creating an arresting, disturbing but only too realistic film account of an often overlooked type of perpetrator – a woman on a man. It is called Broken in which a young man confesses to his girlfriend that he has been “raped” by a girl. No doubt much of society would discount this as fanciful – yet it happens and every now and then real examples creep into the pages of the press. If the gender of the perpetrator is not specified the assumption is that it was a man. For example, in a press report reference was made to a 41 year old part-time teacher who had abused pupils, referring only to an initial and surname: the immediate assumption was that this was a man – in fact, it was a female teacher!  Sam’s film deserves support as it helps to raise awareness of this social blight in all its complexities and the way in which it can have a destructive effect on others around the victim. I hope that it receives that necessary support as well as widespread acclaim and publicity.

You can support him on Kickstarter.

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