sexual abuse & mental health

Sexual Abuse & Mental Health

Reducing the Impact of Abuse on Mental Health

Hallam Conference Centre

Tuesday 20th September 2016, London



Our Chief Executive spoke at the conference at the Hallam Conference Centre in London on Sexual Abuse & Mental Health – Reducing the impact of abuse on mental health.  He spoke about the specific needs of male survivors during what was a moving, informative and interesting event. All participants rated it as either “excellent” or “good” and it was chaired by a friend of SurvivorsUK Paul Scates, a survivor himself, who now organises such conferences and awareness training.  Attended by health and other professionals comments included “Very informative and passionate speakers”, “ Varied and authoritative as well as very informative and moving”, “Several speakers achieved balance of speaking from personal experience in a manner that was useful for practitioners.”

Sue Crocombe (who was abused as a child) spoke emotionally about understanding the lived experience ‘The grooming process; Marilyn Hawes, Founder of Enough Abuse UK, gave an illustrated lecture on recognizing the signs of abuse in victims and perpetrators, educating parents and teachers on how to recognise the signs and changing the lives of abused people. There were contributions from the Southmead Project about the impact and consequences of trauma, specialist abuse counselling: what works from experience, providing practical support and developing coping skills and reclaiming lives affected by trauma and abuse, and from a Trauma Therapist and Expert in Male Victims of Sexual Trauma on when do men need a different approach and specialist abuse counselling in men: what works from our experience.


This CPD certified conference focuses on the important issue of sexual abuse and mental health; reducing the impact of abuse on mental health. Through national updates, survivor perspectives, expert sessions and case study presentations the conference will provide delegates with practical guidance for:


  • Identifying and recognising abuse
  • Reducing the impact of abuse on later mental health problems
  • Understanding what a gold standard sexual abuse pathway looks like
  • Providing victim support, early mental health support, and understanding the police role
  • Delivering therapeutic and practical support to adults who were abused as children and have turned to drugs, alcohol and other ways of self-harming as a consequence of that trauma
  • Relieving the stress of families, carers and parents of children who have been affected by sexual abuse
  • Delivering recovery orientated services


“Sexual abuse in the UK is an epidemic disease which destroys the lives of many young children. Perpetrators sinisterly lure their victims and families into a web of repugnance by deceit, savagely tearing apart their lives and robbing them of their innocence. The catastrophic tsunami effects leave long lasting devastation which is aggressive and rapid. Child abuse is hidden and children are too young, too scared, and too ashamed to speak of their abuse. UK statistics are vague due to the unspoken silence, but it’s estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of children that are being sexually abused yearly. This disease increasingly continues to pervade our society. No child should face sexual abuse. Society has a duty to provide better support for survivors and their families, better education within schools and a better understanding of the signs and symptoms of abuse. Education is key and pivotal in the prevention of child sexual abuse. When we talk of child abuse we often forget the millions of adult survivors whose needs are rarely met. Many suffer in silence, hiding behind the prison cells of their minds and that of their abusers. Sadly, my own journey followed a lifetime of addictions, self-harm, attempted suicide and self-disgust. The wounds may heal but the scars never leave us, it’s a lifelong sentence for many. But when people get the right support and interventions required, the results are revolutionising and enable people to turn their lives around. This important and timely conference aims to support frontline staff and specialists to deliver an effective pathway in order to reduce the impact of sexual abuse on mental health.”

Paul Scates, Survivor of Sexual Abuse, Peer Specialist, Campaigner and Ambassador


Confirmed speakers included:

Paul Scates Peer Specialist, Campaigner and Ambassador (follow him on twitter @paulscates)

Marilyn Hawes Founder Enough Abuse UK 

Andy Hunt National Programme Manager Healthcare in Temporary Estate and Sexual Assault Referral Centres Seconded to Health and Justice NHS England 

Dr Mike Peirce MBE CEO Southmead Project 

Mandy Gulliver CEO & Founder Acts Fast

Keith Best CEO SurvivorsUK 



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