A new podcast which explores experiences of trauma has been launch today by SurvivorsUK’s groupwork facilitator, Jeremy Sachs, and services manager & groupwork coordinator, Katherine Cox.

The Trauma Talks Podcast is a series that examines a different experience of trauma in each episode.
The presenters are joined in each episode by a different panel of guests who bring with them their lived experience of trauma.

The podcast examines the challenges of living with trauma, investigates current work being done in the
field, (from frontline services to policymaking), and shares practical coping strategies. None of the episodes go into details about traumatic events, it is designed to be informative, educational and supportive.

The aim is to challenge and dispel stigma and myths around types of trauma, to give survivors a platform to communicate their own messages and to give a voice to silenced communities.

Episode one of  Trauma Talks looks at Covid-19. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trauma Talks recording studio in North London closed and the projectwas put on hold. However, the team set up a low-fi video call and invited back three guests from previously recorded episodes to investigate whether we can learn any lessons from survivors in this difficult time.

The episode shares the challenges of living through the pandemic as well as some surprising skills learned by surviving trauma. Practical coping strategies are shared that can help other survivors of trauma, their allies and loved ones.

Next episodes to be released include:

July 1st Trauma Talks: Male childhood sexual abuse.

August 5th Trauma Talks: Prisons

Episodes will then continue to be released on the first Wednesday of each month.

You can now listen to episode one on Apple podcasts. Trauma Talks will be available on Google Podcast and Spotify within two weeks.

To help us spread the word please do use links to the podcast included in this email, along with twitter
handles @JeremySachs_ and #TheTraumaTalks and remember, by liking, subscribing and writing reviews, you help spread the message that there is life after trauma.

More info:

www.traumatalks.co.uk or tweet @JeremySachs_

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