Image-based abuse is a type of sexual violence that can take many forms, including; being recorded without your knowledge or consent during sexual acts, having intimate or private pictures of you used to threaten or blackmail you, or having your intimate pictures of you shared with third party.

Image-based abuse is not yet recognised under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. However, we at SurvivorsUK know that being a victim of image-based abuse can have a traumatic impact. We open our doors to anyone that feels that we’re the right service for them, and we want potential users to know that our services are available to you.

We are starting a new group for survivors of Image-Based Sexual Abuse. If you have experienced image-based sexual abuse we would love to hear from you! We have an established and successful groupwork programme and have adapted this model for those who wish to explore the particular and specific impact of image-based abuse.

Want to know more?

Fill in the Groupwork referral form on our website, you will have the opportunity for a 1:1 meeting with Katherine, our Groupwork Co-ordinator to discuss how we can help.

Read David’s story about how being recorded non-consensually turned his world upside down.

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