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The service user panel is currently taking place via Zoom.

For info / to attend please email: [email protected]
Written feedback to: [email protected]


On 26 March 2019, the Board of Trustees approved the formation of a SurvivorsUK Service User Panel, to provide an opportunity for service users (both past and present) to provide feedback and be consulted on matters such as service provision, policy and procedures, and anything that impacts them as service users.

The first of these panels was held on Sunday 19 May 2019 from 4.45 pm to 5.45 pm.



Based on feedback received at the first meeting, we propose to hold Service User Panels every 3-4 months. Please see above for details of the next meeting.



Service users will be asked to sign up for the panel in advance, in order to manage numbers. Should service users wish to attend an already full panel they can be given options to go on a cancellation list, provide a written or verbal contribution outside of the panel, or put on the list for the following panel meeting. To include maximum representation the panel will be open, meaning it can contain new members or people who have previously attended.



The panel will be facilitated by the Director, Counsellor & Groupwork Coordinator (or in the case of sickness other appropriate members of staff). An agenda will be produced in advance which will invite written contributions from those who cannot attend, or who wish to contribute anonymously. There will be space on the agenda for any other business. All matters that are not addressed during the panel will be added to the agenda for the following meeting.



Space will be made before, during, and after the panel for any members who may feel emotionally affected by the content of the meeting and require support. This will be delivered by appropriately trained and experienced staff (e.g. counsellors and ISVAs).



There will be a simple group agreement pre-prepared and agreed at the first-panel meeting to clarify expectations and responsibilities of all present. This will be displayed and agreed at each panel meeting. 


Managing Expectations

While SurvivorsUK values the input of all its staff and service users, it will be made clear in the establishment of this panel that it is advisory in nature. In order to best meet the needs of ALL service users, SurvivorsUK cannot guarantee to fulfill all recommendations and suggestions made by the panel.

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