Give A Gift

Have you got an unused gift card? Don’t throw it away! Exchange it for one of your choice and do some good at the same time.

Give A Gift is a website where you can exchange any unused gift cards with one you really want and donate a percentage of it to charity.

How to donate through Give A Gift:

1) Use Give A Gift search engine to choose your new card and find a charity you love

2) Select how much of your gift card you want back, if any, and Give A Gift will ll donate the balance to a charity of your choice

3) They will send you a pre-paid envelope so you can send your gift card back to them for free. That’s it.

It’s not too good to be true! Head to Give A Gift today and support SurvivorsUK every time you want to swap an unused gift card for another one.

You could help us continue our work with male survivors of sexual abuse. You could make a difference.

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