SurvivorsUK will be hosting an open day on the occasion of the first National Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week.

Everyone can play a role in raising awareness about sexual abuse and sexual violence and this is a great opportunity to start a nationwide discussion on the prevalence of sexual violence, its harm and the importance of providing adequate and appropriate services for victim/survivors.

We hope this will lead to a greater discussion of male victim of sexual violence along with all sexual abuse and violence and we invite journalists, survivors or anyone who might be interested in knowing more about the work that SurvivorsUK does, to join us on 3rd February 2016, 11am – 1pm at our premises in Shadwell.

Keith Best, SurvivorsUK Chief Executive, said “The massive problem of male sexual abuse is greatly misunderstood and underestimated. This is an issue for the whole community as it affects men of all sexual orientation, not just the gay community, as well as their close family and friends. Our client figures show that a large number of them have been abused as children and yet the pain of disclosure, the fear of being disbelieved and their social circumstances mean that most will never report this until there is another trauma in their lives. Only recently, the Office for National Statistics drew attention to the increase in sexual violence. The issue must be taken seriously by all.

As our contribution to raising awareness we are holding an open day to which all our welcome in our offices in Wapping London11am to 1pm to answer questions and offer assistance. Several of our survivors are prepared to share their experiences in the hope that this will draw further attention to something that has gone often unreported and unremarked for far too long.”

Media contacts can contact us for further information or to be put in touch with male survivors who can discuss their own experiences.



Contact for more information or email

Survivors UK – Keith Best (CEO)

[email protected] / 020 3598 3898 / mobile 07785 323200


Open Day

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