Our policy as an organisation is to work with men over the age of 18 – although it’s important to note that, as long as you are over 18 when you contact us it does not matter what age you were when abuse occurred.

Helping where we can do the most good

We work with over 18s because we feel this is what we do best.

We don’t have experience of working with under 18s. We currently employ people to fit our constitution of only working with adults and as such we do not have staff that would be qualified to help under 18s.

As a remote service it can be difficult to properly support under 18s as we don’t have the correct contacts in place to help this group if they are in crisis.

Under 18s and the law

The law recognises adulthood from the age of 18 and there are specific requirements for training and qualification for people working with under 18s.

A complication is that the age of consent in the UK is 16, so there is a 2 year gap in which they are able to legally act in ‘adult’ ways but in which they are still legally regarded as children.

Our legal obligation

If we encounter anybody under the age of 18 who is at risk, then we have a duty of care to contact the authorities – this might be social services or the police.

If we think that someone under that age of 18 is in danger then we have to act, with or without their consent. 

We would always try to consult with the person first but we might have to act even if they did not want us to contact the authorities.

There are people who can help

If you are under 18 and are dealing with, or have experienced, male sexual abuse, find out what you can do – and which organisations can help.

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