This page contains stories and accounts from Survivors about their experiences, both of their life before and after working with us.

Many Survivors feel isolated – that no one could understand what has happened to them or what they are going through. Hopefully the stories below will go some way to showing that you are not alone, that other people have been through similar experiences and that there are people that helped them – and can help you.

John’s Story

“I really would like SurvivorsUK to be able to show what your support has enabled me to go onto achieve. The support given to me by SurvivorsUK all those years ago was the turning point in my recovery and want to give you guys something back somehow. I feel it would also be so great to […]

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Ashley’s Story

“I didn’t really know where to turn to when I was raped, but I looked online and found SurvivorsUK.  It helped me to know that they had been running for a good few years so I thought that they’d know a lot about what happened to me, so maybe they’d not be shocked.”

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Maria’s Story

“I can’t emphasise enough how much it helped me to know that there was a helpline out there that could support me too, because it’s not just the man who’s been abused who is affected.”

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Stuart’s Story

“For those of you who are reading this, I feel it is important for you to know and understand that no matter how bad you feel it won’t get better on its own and you are not the only one who will suffer, so will all the people you care about and love. I know, because I have been there and so have they.”

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