Our Get-together Project provides our clients with a regular opportunity to be in a safe space, in the company of others with shared experiences.


I was worried beforehand as to where exactly it was and what I might experience, however, the full detailed explanation and map helped alleviate my fears and on arrival, I was welcomed warmly and soon found there were others like me attending. The hall was basic, but the care and attention by the staff more than compensated for that. I felt secure, knowing that I could talk to staff if I wished. Maybe because I was so reassured, I soon found my own comfort level amongst the attendees and shared what I felt OK to share, which gradually brought out a confidence in our small group to share a little more deeply and understand how we have common familiar difficulties. Pain shared is extra pain spared, I say!

I certainly benefited greatly from attending my first SurvivorsUK Get-together and will definitely make space in my diary to attend again, regularly, as I feel this will gradually make me healthier and less stressed. In a word SurvivorsUK Get-together is a vital resource for me and my family (I have a son of 12-years-old who indirectly benefits from this as I am calmer and more able to accept myself and my own ghastly history of abuse). I am eternally grateful for SurvivorsUK Get-togethers.


PS: if anyone wants to speak to me directly about my experience of SurvivorsUK Get-togethers I am open to the opportunity to explain first hand how it has changed my life. Just ask and I will make the time.


If you would like to get in touch with Simon, please send an email to [email protected]

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