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Working Through It

This blog post discusses the impacts of sexual abuse. If you are affected and need to speak to someone, please contact us via our helpline.

When I was 6 my father passed away my mother passed me around the family. When I was 11 my nan took me in and I had to share a bedroom with my older brother. I lost count of how many times he raped me.

I told my mother I was told it’s all a part of growing up, but at 17 I left home. I thought about ending my life on many occasions but I thought I’m better than that.

Now I have very limited contact with my mother, I’m now a supervisor and married to an understanding woman. I have gone this far without any help which in hindsight if I took this offer of help up I would be mentally in a better place even though I still have bad days and want to end it all.

If anyone needs help just ask for it it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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