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Complaints Procedure

This complaints procedure is written with the specific aim of protecting the right of the individual to make known to the persons responsible for the management of SurvivorsUK:

  • Their concerns about the provision and quality of services.
  • Any unacceptable experiences encountered while receiving services or in other professional associations with the organisation, its management, or its therapists.

Anyone who has any association with SurvivorsUK is open to exercise their right in invoking the complaints procedure as laid out in this document if and when it becomes necessary to do so. SurvivorsUK also subscribes to the principles set out in the BACP’s Code of Ethics and Practice.

SurvivorsUK learns from complaints and always seeks continuous improvement. All complaints will be dealt with respectfully and confidentially.

Complaint procedure

SurvivorsUK believe the best way to resolve a complaint is for you to explain clearly to the other person your issue and for the other person to listen and respond to you. Therefore, both of you work towards resolving the problem in an empowered and respectful way. We acknowledge this may be difficult especially if you are complaining to someone who you feel is in a more powerful position.

In the first instance please complain in writing (by email if most convenient) to the most senior manager responsible for the service you are complaining about. For example, write to the Director regarding services and media, or the Operations Manager regarding operations, fundraising and finances. You can complain online through our website under Contact Us and mark it for the attention of the relevant person. If your complaint is of a sensitive nature and you wish only the relevant person to know about it at the initial stage then ask for the email address of the person to whom you wish to complain.

The person in charge will respond within 7 days (except in exceptional circumstances) explaining the action to be taken.

If you are not satisfied with the above:

  • You should ask for your complaint to be forwarded to the Chair of the Trustee Board of SurvivorsUK with any additional comments you may wish to make.
  • The Chair of Trustees will respond in writing within 7 days of notification of the complaint, explaining the action to be taken, unless there is some unavoidable situation in which case you will be notified and given the earliest time the matter will be dealt with.
  • Appropriate action will be undertaken by the Chair following the above.

Complaints about the Chair should be addressed directly to the Board of Trustees, which they will address through an elected individual of the Board of Trustees.

Letting others know the Complaints Procedure

All workers will have access to this policy at SurvivorsUK premises.

Counselling and groupwork clients are informed of the complaints procedure in the client agreement document at the start of counselling. Other clients will be informed of the procedure when appropriate and through our website where the full procedure will be available.

Any worker at SurvivorsUK who knows there is someone who has a complaint should explain this policy to that person.


SurvivorsUK is happy to hear from you if you have suggestions or ideas for service development, provision, delivery, or fundraising.

These can be shared in the following ways

  • By posting your suggestion to our office address
  • By emailing your suggestion to [email protected]
  • By handing in your suggestion to a staff member or volunteer you are in contact with at SurvivorsUK
  • Participating in our AGM or our service user panel.

Thank you for helping us to provide a better service.

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