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Your Stories

Perseverance Pays

This blog post discusses the impacts of sexual abuse. If you are affected and need to speak to someone, please contact us via our helpline.

“Well, you know what to do so just leave him”

I am sure many survivors have heard that phrase, or a variation of it, many times when

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Do you have a story or anything you would like to share with us? Express yourself through writing your feelings, thoughts or send us your artworks.

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Your Stories

Perseverance Pays

Your Stories

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Identity & Self

Tribulation; Endured


We need to have a conversation about child sexual abuse, now more than ever


For further support, information and advice,
explore our resources section.

Service User Panel

The service user panel is an opportunity for service users to feedback and be consulted on matters such as service provision, policy and procedures, and anything that impacts them as service users.

Service user panels currently taking place via Zoom and occur every three months.

For info/to attend please email: [email protected]

Written feedback can be sent to: [email protected]

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