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SurvivorsUK launches new symbol to raise awareness about male victims of sexual abuse and assault

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5th February 2018

SurvivorsUK launches new symbol to raise awareness about male victims of sexual abuse and assault

London, UK, February 5th 2018 – On Monday 5th February and on the occasion of the 2018 Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week, SurvivorsUK has launched a new campaign

aimed at acknowledging male victims or sexual abuse and assault and letting them know that they are not alone.

The #WeSeeYou campaign promotes the use of new symbol to express support and challenge stigmatising attitudes that make it so difficult for boys and men who have been sexually abused to talk about what happened to them.

The charity is asking people to wear a green button-shaped pin badge as a visible sign of support and to help end the stigma and myths attached to male sexual abuse and assault, as well as showing to those that have been affected that they are not alone.

“The #WeSeeYou symbol encompasses many different meanings,” says SurvivorsUK Director of Clinical Services & Acting Chief Executive Andy Connolly. “For too long male sexual abuse and assault has been buttoned up and victims have been made invisible. We don’t want to keep quiet anymore.”

“We also know how hard it is for male victims to talk about what happened to them, and we want them to know that if and when they are willing to unbutton their feelings and tell their stories, we are ready to listen.”

The button-shaped pin badge is available to buy on the charity’s website with just a small donation which will cover its production and shipping costs and help fund their specialist services.




About SurvivorsUK

Registered charity SurvivorsUK provides specialist support to men who have been raped or sexually abused at any time in their lives. Services include individual counselling (London based), telephone counselling (national), online helpline (national), ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor – London based) and groupwork (London based). SurvivorsUK also supports friends, partners and family members of victims/survivors.


For more information contact:

Andy Connolly – Client Services Director / Acting Chief Executive

[email protected]

T: 020 3598 3898

M: 07467 144346

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