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Individual Counselling

We offer individual counselling for adult men (18 and over) who have experienced sexual abuse at any time in their lives.

We take self referrals only. 

You can self refer by contacting our online helpline service, our office line 0203 598 3898, by email via [email protected] or by completing our online referral form here.

Our counselling service is available to those resident in any London Borough.

If we’re not the right service for you, this is something we’ll discuss with you. We will support you in finding a suitable alternative service that can help.

Our counsellors

We have a team of both male and female counsellors who work from our base in Shadwell. Our counsellors are fully qualified and adhere to BACP guidelines. All of our counsellors are experienced in supporting male survivors and receive ongoing professional training.

How it works

  • Individual counselling: we offer new clients 12 sessions of counselling. Clients have the opportunity to extend the counselling to a maximum of one year in consultation with your counsellor.
  • Individual telephone counselling: the counselling contract is also set up to provide 12 sessions. Your sessions will usually be arranged for the same time each week and will be with the same counsellor each week, allowing continuity and confidentiality.
  • Please also note we charge for this service. We have a sliding scale of suggested fees. Fees are calculated on a sliding scale, according to income and your outgoings, with the lowest charge being £5 per session. However, please do not let financial difficulties get in the way of you attending your assessment. Any fees can be negotiated according to your circumstances. Any agreed payment can be made in cash or online.
  • We keep all information confidential within our organisation unless in exceptional circumstances such as a disclosure about a serious crime or a child protection concern.
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