Meeting other men who have gone through similar experiences to you can be profoundly helpful. A group of survivors is a safe, confidential space where you can tell your story, share experiences, learn from other people’s coping strategies and really feel like you are not alone.

We usually run closed groups of twelve sessions. Once you have filled in the online form, the groupwork co-ordinator will contact you to arrange an initial 1:1 meeting to discuss what sort of group would feel most helpful.

We are absolutely committed to seeking funding opportunities to continue our groupwork provision but, because of current funding uncertainty, we cannot guarantee that the groups will continue in their current format. Please do continue with the referral process, however, as we are hopeful groups will continue and we will keep you informed of our progress. If you want to discuss this further, please do contact us.


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If you would like to refer to our individual counselling service, please click here.
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