Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) are trained to provide emotional and practical support to survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault who have reported to the police or are considering reporting to the police.

Our main role is to support around the criminal justice process, but we are independent from the police and we are not legal advisors.

We recognise that reporting to the police is particularly difficult for trans survivors and survivors of colour, who are less likely to be believed by the police and others about their abuse. We stand against all discrimination and are here to support you if you wish to seek out justice.

Your ISVA will support you in a non-judgemental way to address your needs and will help you ensure that other organisations also provide you with the right kind of support.

Our ISVAs can help you with a range of things depending on your needs and what kind of support you would like. They can:

• Provide you with information on the criminal justice process and what you can expect if you report to the police. They can also attend interviews and court with you if you wish.

• Give you information on health services and attend appointment with you if you wish.

• Help you to think about your safety and what can be done to improve your safety.

• Listen to your experiences and give you emotional support.

Our ISVA service is open to men and boys over the age of 13, living in any London Borough and or if the abuse was committed in any London Borough. The abuse can have taken place either in childhood or adulthood. This is a free service.

If you are looking for an ISVA service for girls or women in London, please contact the London Survivors Gateway.

The process

  1. 1 Contact Us

    You make a self referral or an organisation supporting you, such as the police, makes a referral on your behalf. If you would like to refer yourself, please complete this form. If someone is completing the form on your behalf, they should use this form. Alternatively, you can phone 02035983898 or email [email protected].

  2. 2 Assessment

    Our ISVA will contact you by phone, text or email, however you prefer. We aim to do this within fifteen working days of receiving your referral. If the ISVA service seems the right service for you, we will aim to offer a meeting within seven working days.

  3. 3 Discussion

    When you first meet with the ISVA, you can talk to them about your needs and what kind of support you would find helpful. We will also cover things like how to keep in touch with the ISVA, confidentiality and assessing risk.

  4. 4 Support Begins

    We will meet and chat regularly, depending on how much support you feel you need. This can be in person or over the phone.


ISVAs are here to help, but they aren’t counsellors.

If you would like to find out about our counselling services, please see here.

Not sure if the ISVA service is right for you? Feel free to contact our ISVA for an informal chat – 02035983898 or [email protected].


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