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National Online Helpline

We can chat with you online, or by text. Our national online help is a good way of first getting in touch with us, there’s no pressure and you can contact us as little or as often as you like. Each chat can last up to 45 minutes or shorter if you prefer.

You may not be sure if we are the right service for you. No problem, contact us anyway and we’ll do our best to help or to point you in the right direction.


What you say is important to us and personal to you. We take confidentiality very seriously and only in very extreme cases would we contact anyone else about what you are telling us. But we also care about your safety and the safety of others and if we think you, or someone else, is at immediate risk of serious harm, we will take steps to keep you and others safe. If you want to check that out in more detail before you tell us something, then please do and then you can decide what you feel ready to tell us.

Other organisations that can help

You might also consider speaking to a teacher, family member, or organisations such as social services or the police.

Contacting us outside the online helpline hours

You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 0203 598 3898.

Technical glitches?

If you are having problems with the online helpline service, please email [email protected]

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